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Membership rules contained herein apply equally to members and guests alike.

All reference to ‘Torza’s Golf’ refers to Torza’s Golf facilities located at 150 Sebethe Drive, Cromwell, CT 06416, its staff, employees, sub-contractors, agents, and representatives. Facilities refer to the covered tee-line, Toptracer Range, non-member grass tiers, members area, outside tees, and where applicable.

Members of the club are bound, as a condition of membership, to comply with the rules set out below. This is to ensure that the facilities are properly and safely used and that all members have full advantage of them without interfering with the enjoyment of others.

  • All memberships are Non-Transferable & Non-Refundable.
  • All memberships are per person ONLY.
  • Torza’s Golf reserves the right to refuse membership to any individual without cause.
  • By purchasing a membership, members automatically accept and agree to be bound by these conditions of membership.
  • All members must log in for member access and/or to use bucket membership on each visit.
  • Entry to membership area and/or to use bucket membership will only be permitted to those with a valid membership card, or paid guest of member with valid membership card.
  • As a member you agree to comply with the rules of Torza’s Golf with regards to use of the facilities, opening hours and your conduct.
  • Torza’s Golf may make reasonable changes to these rules, from time to time, provided advance notice of these changes.
  • You may, at your own discretion and expense, obtain personal insurance for loss, injury, or damage that you might sustain arising from use of this facility. You exercise at your own discretion and accept any injury or illness brought on by exercise as your own responsibility.
  • Members wishing to report on accidents, incidents, or problems with services at Torza’s Golf should contact the Owner, Jodi Torza Faraci, or email lodiacllc@gmail.com
  • Only drive between ropes in Membership area.
  • Guests of members are welcome to use the Members Only area but must be accompanied by said member and pay the applicable guest fee.
  • PLATINUM members are permitted to take one (1) bucket at a time.
  • PLATINUM members cannot share their platinum buckets with anyone, at any time.
  • Bucket Memberships end September 30.
  • STANDARD memberships valid until end of year, December 31.
  • No dogs allowed in membership area.
  • No smoking in membership area.
  • Headphones are strongly encouraged for the regard of other members.
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